11 dic. 2007

cd' pick of the day!

Dance hall crashers

About The Band
An outgrowth of the legendary Operation Ivy, the Berkeley, Caifornia-based ska-punk outfit Dance Hall Crashers was briefly led by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, Op Ivy alumni who later reunited in Rancid. Both left within weeks of the Crashers’ 1989 formation, but the group continued on, now led by vocalist Elyse Rogers and guitarist Jason Hammon; a series of other lineup changes followed, most notably the addition of second vocalist Karina Denike joining in 1990. Dance Hall Crashers disbanded soon after, bowing to pressure from fans to play a reunion gig in 1992; the response to their performance was so positive that they immediately reformed on a permanent basis, settling on a lineup of Rogers and Denike on vocals, Hammon on guitar, his brother Gavin on drums, guitarist Scott Goodell and bassist Mikey Weiss.

this album contains the follow tracks
1. Lost Again
2. Will Tomorrow Ever Come
3. All Mine
4. Salted
5. Next to You
6. I Want It All
7. Elvis & Me
8. Whiskey & Gin
9. Cold Shower
10. Last Laugh
11. Mr. Blue
12. Stand By
13. Truth About Me
14. Big Mouth
15. Over Again

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